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Pacific Reliance Recycling LLC is an IT asset management electronics recycling company.  Pacific Reliance Recycling LLC is a leader in building relationships with customers through superior service, communication and integrity.  Through our value add customer service, we provide maximum recovery of materials received.  

Our primary focus is to preserve our environment through recycling to its maximum capacity.  With our "No Landfill Policy", we do our part to making this a better world.


Pacific Reliance Recycling LLC is committed to providing a quality solution to processing all e-Waste.  Pacific Reliance Recycling LLC is committed to determining if material can be reused or repurposed. 

Whether your company is big or small, when recycling your outdated technology, proprietary material  or sensitive data containing devices, Pacific Reliance Recycling LLC utilizes the proper secure procedures to ensure sensitive data and material are protected.  These measures put all customers at ease, knowing that their material is handled properly.


With technology changing rapidly, the life span of electronics continues to shorten.  This trend of discarding older technology more frequently has increased the need to recycle more responsibly.

Pacific Reliance Recycling LLC only partners with vendors who adhere to a strict "No Landfill Policy" and who are in compliance with the DTSC, EPA and NAID.

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